Google Lets Businesses Add Social Media Links To Profiles

Google enables businesses to include social media links to their accounts.

Businesses can now enhance their visibility on Google My Business by adding social media links into their Business Profiles.
This fresh feature empowers companies to show their social media presence alongside other details on Google Search and Maps.

With the inclusion of social media links in their Google Business Profile, businesses can offer customers additional avenues to connect, access information, and address inquiries.

New Rollout

A new Google support page explains in detail how businesses can now control which social media links are displayed on their Google Business Profile.

Businesses can add one link per social media platform to their Business Profile. The supported platforms are as follows –
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube.

This feature is being rolled out gradually and is available in specific regions.

How To Use the New Feature

To add a social media link to a Google Business Profile, businesses need to access their profile, click ‘Edit profile,’ then ‘Business information,’ and finally, ‘Contact.’

Under ‘Social profiles,’ they can select the social media platform they wish to link and enter the URL.

Occasionally, Google automatically adds social media links to eligible Business Profiles. To modify these auto-added links, businesses can add a new link for the same social media platform following the same steps.

What this means for Businesses

The inclusion of social media links offers local business owners an additional means to enhance their visibility within Google’s network.
End users are looking for more accurate and integrated results when it comes to search. This new rollout will help small and medium-sized enterprises to match larger companies in delivering this seamless interaction.

Although enterprises have the ability to add an identical social media link to numerous Business Profiles, they are restricted from adding links from the same platform to a same profile. This feature can be administrated individually for each enterprise through Search or Maps, or programmatically via the API to oversee multiple locations concurrently.

It’s important to note that Google does not furnish any performance metrics for these social media links.

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