Digital Marketing : A Start Up’s dream come true

Indian economy is a vast and fast growing. It’s an ideal climate for new business ventures. However, with a start up the challenges are plenty and come in hordes. Only now people from traditional working class families have started opening up new business ventures. That’s where most start-ups are coming from. But the biggest challenge there is lack of the mentoring and family wisdom. In addition to that we have the ‘dance around the red tape’. That can be a long and hard battle if one does not understand the regulations and policies or sometimes even then. Talent hunt, financial support, surviving the existing and new competition are only to name a few of other mountains to climb. With all these hurdles to cross, there are a few things that have now come to become a little easier.

While it was relatively easier to make a good product, but still marketing it was a huge contest until recent times. Now digital marketing impresses most of the influence on customers. Even if they go to retail outlets, the actual research and nascent introduction usually happens online. The biggest contributing factor to this development is extremely high mobile penetration.

This exposure is so potent, that it has almost single handedly changed how products and services are marketed and traded. This has led to speedier resolutions and easy access to all that you need for a Start Up and from a new business. Digital marketing is not limited to TV and radio, but is almost a part of anything that you are doing on the phone, tabs or iPads. Hundreds of new mobile apps are being introduced almost everyday – Especially by retail product and service providers. That gives them as large a customer base as can be. With the medium as varied, start ups with limited budgets can also decide how they want to put in their money with diverse methods of billing metrics like Cost Per Acquisition, Pay per click, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing etc. So, if you are just starting up a Business, and have a good, working product and ample supply in place, all you need to do is to hire a Digital Marketing Service from an efficient service provider, like Ethon, and wait for few while your business is being promoted like wildfire.

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