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Traditionally, Big Business bought billboard ads. They worked on highways and in crowded urban locations to brand a business through creating wide visibility.

Display advertising worked in the short term with positioning a brand, product or business. In the virtual universe of the Internet, savvy brand conscious SEO consultants must incorporate the digital equivalent into their campaigns.

SEO branding through a combination of SEO and display advertising can score major wins over the effective offline equivalent of billboard ads because of one significant difference – online ads are viewed at just the right time!

If you follow a non-strategic approach of buying online display advertising on the highest traffic resources, it’s like running an ad on a super-highway. The right buyer may or may not see that banner for which you paid thousands of dollars. But combine this branding effort with SEO and you’ll ensure that your ad is right there at the time your prospective buyer is ready for it.

Your SEO-driven ad is not on display for just a limited period until your budget runs out. It’s there all year round, working gradually and sub-liminally to convince your best prospects that you’re number one.  This can happen only when you completely understand the importance of search rankings in the research and buying cycle.

Strategic SEO-based brand advertising will help you build trust with your audience, hack into your prospect’s mind, and plant a seed that will grow over time to become a money tree.

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